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Company profile

Zhong Tang Guo Sheng Information Technology Co. Ltd. is a science and technology education in Yunnan Province Industrial Investment Group Co. Ltd. (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Hua Tang in April 2016 to set up joint investment committed to the construction of the information industry, service outsourcing as the carrier of the information technology company.

The company registered address for the Yunnan city of Kunming Province, the registered capital of Liuqiansibaiyuwan yuan.

The company mainly relying on the Tsinghua University National Institute of human resource outsourcing services of production, learning and research integrated advantages and industry investment group in Yunnan province industry, capital operation has the advantage, in the background of the development of large data and national service outsourcing industry development, engaged in big data industry operators, operators, service outsourcing industry big data analysis of the application of mobile Internet software development, electronic commerce service system, call center outsourcing business, electronic business and background service, Small and micro businesses incubation and other types of strategic emerging industry related business.

The company's business scope related to the telecommunications industry, financial and securities industry, public utilities industry, postal logistics industry, state organs, transportation and tourism, health care, education, publishing.

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Address: Yunnan province Kunming Economic Development Zone Export Processing Zone Shuntong Road No. 50, Yunnan industry investment building on the first floor Tel: 0871-64989941