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Tangshan Caofeidian Huatang service outsourcing Co. Ltd.

Background introduction

To boost the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei "and" ring the capital service outsourcing growth ", to create a modern service industry demonstration base in Caofeidian area, focus on Beijing to undertake the transfer of service outsourcing industry, Tianjin. Caofeidian port business district in the Department of education and science and technology frata International (Beijing) Limited cooperation, jointly build Caofeidian service outsourcing call center project.

In order to guarantee the service outsourcing call center labor demand, supporting the construction of talent cultivation platform of 200 seats, 10 seats were taught the construction center in Caofeidian eco city Tangshan Industrial Vocational Technical College, Caofeidian area office, to achieve annual training professional call center of 1000 people, 500 personnel training goal has been achieved.

In August 25, 2015, for the implementation of the development of service outsourcing industry in Hebei Province, the policy of taking the school government enterprise cooperation, jointly signed a framework agreement with Tangshan Industrial Vocational Technical College, Caofeidian harbor business district, Beijing Hua Tang Group Three, and Cao Fei, service outsourcing industry and the Austin District call Center talent training base; Tangshan Industrial Vocational Technical College and Beijing Hua Tang group the two sides signed a service outsourcing and call center training enterprise strategic cooperation agreement, Caofeidian and call center outsourcing services industry and talent cultivation.

Attended the signing ceremony: Caofeidian district government deputy party secretary, deputy secretary of the Party committee Wang Xuezeng Industrial Zone, Caofeidian port business district Party committee deputy secretary, deputy director of the CMC into Xuan Bing, deputy director of the office to promote the coordinated development of Caofeidian Qi Ruidong Dean Tian Xiuping, Tangshan Industrial Vocational Technical College; executive vice president Zhang Jianjun, Liu Zhaoqi's research cooperation office; Standford China Enterprise Leaders Club Secretary General Xu Zhixing, director of the National Institute of human resource outsourcing services BPO center frata International Group Chairman Cao Mingyuan, deputy director of the National Institute of human resource outsourcing services BPO center Huatang group general manager He Huaiyi.

According to the agreement, the three parties will be the spirit of "equality, sharing of resources and complementary" principle, by the Caofeidian harbor business district construction industry base, Tangshan Industrial Vocational Technical College personnel training, Huatang group with industrial advantages of management and operation of industrial base to build a "mode of service outsourcing industry in Caofeidian area and call center talent training base".

Caofeidian service outsourcing base as a professional service outsourcing center, will undertake a large number of telecommunications, finance, electricity providers, mobile Internet and other high-end enterprise core outsourcing project, lay a solid foundation for investment. Huatang group will be Caofeidian service outsourcing base into the country's leading benchmark flagship store!

Company set up introduction

The call center construction started in November 2015, formally established in January 2016, the company name: Tangshan Caofeidian Huatang service outsourcing company, the registered capital of 20 million yuan.

Huatang group Caofeidian service outsourcing base is service outsourcing group Huatang base construction project demonstration base, but also the Caofeidian industrial structure adjustment zone in the process of key projects, by the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce in Hebei Province as the call center service base. Caofeidian area service outsourcing base in the first phase of work area of 2000 square meters, has 5 independent office, meeting and training room 3; central air conditioning, elevator, probe, smoke and automatic sprinkler system, first-class hardware facilities; the front desk, reception area, office area, staff dining facilities, meeting rooms and training room and the staff room, yoga room, smoking area, staff apartments etc.! The construction scale of 500 seats, the modern service industry can provide 1000 jobs.

The base is located in the downtown area of Caofeidian Industrial Zone Three, 1 hours drive from Tangshan City, 254 kilometers away from Beijing, high speed 3 hours, with excellent geographical advantages, have a strong appeal to the Beijing based enterprises, service outsourcing enterprises not only saves the operation cost, and is convenient for company management. In the Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration tide, Beijing will put a lot of industrial transfer to the surrounding satellite city, Caofeidian area in Beijing Tianjin undertake industrial transfer has a strategic position that can not be ignored, has great potential for development.

Operation and development prospects

March 17, 2016 officially launched operations, the 100 on-line, on-line operations until now has 350 seats, mainly to undertake easy to call business plan in the second half of the 500 seat all put into operation.

After the normal operation of the project, the annual operating income of 100 million yuan, tax revenue of $5 million 220 thousand, directly driving employment 1000-1500 people, in pulling the population, enhance employment on the basis of. At the same time can balance the Caofeidian Industrial Zone, the sex ratio of the population, gathered popularity of port.

Company Atlas

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