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The Dali Zhongtang big data service outsourcing industry Co. Ltd.

"The big data Dali Service Outsourcing Industry Co. Ltd. was founded in September 30, 2016. Is a modern service industry personnel training, national service outsourcing business development and acceptance, emerging e-commerce business operations as the core of high-tech enterprises.

"Dali big data service outsourcing industry limited company" mainly to undertake domestic and foreign large artificial customer service, electricity distribution, multimedia online customer service, the industry information input and other specific business, mainly engaged in big data industry investment, service outsourcing industry investment, big data analysis, mobile Internet application software development, electronic commerce service system, call center outsourcing business undertaking, electronic business and background service, Small and micro businesses incubation and other types of strategic emerging industry related business.

In May 11, 2016 by the Dali people's government and the Huatang Group signed a "strategic cooperation agreement, launched a 500 seat call center and data center construction in Dali District Haidong District Powerise creative economic park. Dali overall planning within 3 years to complete the overall layout and operation of the 10 thousand call center and data processing center.

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