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Yuxi Huatang big data service outsourcing industry Co. Ltd.

Yuxi Huatang big data service outsourcing industry Co., Ltd. is a modern service industry personnel training, national service outsourcing business development, and to undertake the emerging e-commerce industry operation as the core business of high-tech enterprises.

Mainly at home and abroad to undertake large artificial customer service, electricity distribution, multimedia online customer service, the industry information input and other specific business, mainly engaged in big data industry investment, service outsourcing industry investment, big data analysis, mobile Internet application software development, electronic commerce service system, call center outsourcing business, electronic business and background service, Small and micro businesses incubation and other types of strategic emerging industry related business.

At present, the company has completed the 1000 seat Yuxi Huatang seat construction, actively carry out personnel training and business operations. Future call center all put into operation, will solve the employment of more than 2000 people, and strive to achieve sales revenue of 100 million yuan, sales profit of about 15 million, create tax of around 7 million.

The company has been established and, eLong, Taikang, Alibaba, China peace, to establish cooperative relations Chinese Unicom, China Telecom, service platform and many other well-known enterprises.

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