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Yunfu zhongtang service outsourcing Co. Ltd.

The Yunfu service outsourcing Co. Ltd., founded in July 2016, to create a joint investment by the Yunfu municipal government and the country, the registered capital of 10 million 100 thousand yuan, is the focus of the Yunfu municipal government investment projects. Located in the Yunfu high tech Industrial Development Zone of Yunfu in the service outsourcing company has more than 14 thousand square meters of office space, a project has been put into 1000 seats, the total number of customer service staff recruitment is expected around 2000 people, is recruited to the community. The company is expected to provide the service outsourcing non core business for telecommunications, finance, electricity providers, mobile Internet, aviation, medical and other industries, reduce operating costs, improve the satisfaction of customers, promote local employment and stimulate economic growth, and create exclusive agents in Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao cantonese. The company is close to Yunfu east railway station, convenient transportation, school, hospital, supermarket life complete, is the location of the center of the city of Yunfu in the future.

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Address: Yunnan province Kunming Economic Development Zone Export Processing Zone Shuntong Road No. 50, Yunnan industry investment building on the first floor Tel: 0871-64989941