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Big data industry operations

With big data fails to get people's attention, the ability to own ability seems to have been further released, in many industries, analysis and application of big data seem to show good effect, but to now, big data business management system has not been developed mature business model, all about big data business management system is a good imagination, did not fall. This is because the big data management system is a new thing, managers and operators can not have a good grasp of it, but the more important reason is that managers must know the limitations inherent in thinking, big data is not like wood, stone and so on, can be directly into the workshop, they can produce for maintenance the survival and development of enterprise financial products, and these raw materials are big data itself is of no value, you will believe that when the memory storage to countless numbers of managers, not a manager will praise you, nor a manager to use or understand how to use these numbers.

Therefore, there is no data processing ability, there is no application of data, the same, there is no a new management thinking, it is difficult to build a qualified large data management system.

The requirement of management innovation in big data Era

With the advent of the era of big data, and big data (big data) technology development series associated, combining the new changes of public areas and areas of life and business, and inspire more and more new management mode, marketing mode and the mode of life, which gave birth to the innovation of management requirements.

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